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Frame gone horribly wrong
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Author:  whitey [ Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:11 am ]
Post subject:  Frame gone horribly wrong

Is there somewhere here to express disatisfaction with suppliers of kits? Ive got a doozie to show anyone interested in taking a drive in Brisbane to Burpengary. Not one thing right from the start and all from people with 25 years experience. Im not just here to supplier bash, I would not want anyone else to go through what I am at the moment though.

Author:  TopAustralianDream [ Wed Feb 18, 2009 7:33 pm ]
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Hi there! I would be very interested to know who you went through. I have had such a poor experience myself going through a company that supplies 'kits'. After months of them trying to reproduce my floor plans and elevations (who would have thought copying anything could be so hard), I went through all 300 pages of each frame section and found dozens of errors. When I finally met with the General Manager (due to me being totally unsatisfied), he said something along the lines of "most people don't ask to see the frame construction design so we normally don't provide it - that's the engineer's job". Problems ranged from incorrect height bulkheads to doors in the wrong place. The frame still has not been delivered and I am not impressed at all. I am sure there are many other people that have had good experiences, just not a great start to the whole process!

Author:  whitey [ Thu Feb 19, 2009 5:06 am ]
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Im probably not allowed to name on here. Am I ? Its only slander if untrue so should not be a legal issue. Ill try to attach some pics to best show things.
Pic 1 shows the fit of the best of the hip panels. Keep in mind this is an 18.6 x 9 rectangle with a simple 4 hip 22.5 degree roof. I recieved a gable roof first though and it was suggested I must have changed things!
Pic 2 shows the said company's example on how to fix the trusses to the top plate. Not likely.
Pic 3 No junction studs anywhere in the house. "What do I screw the gyrock to" answer "just get some trim angles"
Pic 4 Walls were drawn at 2550. Externals 2550, Internals 2440. Jack walls had to be added as you can see throughout the house. None of which have any cross bracing. Prior to me insisting that I at least get these it was suggested just leave it and the gyprock would carry the 150 missing. Leaving walls not tied to trusses and where they meet external frames only pinned at nog height as they dont reach top plate.
There are many many more photos, just some here. I would love someone in the industry professionally to validate my claims and openely offer anyone to come and have a look.

Author:  whitey [ Thu Feb 19, 2009 7:04 pm ]
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Forgot to mention, windows in the wrong place, no external stairs to landing were possible but were in the design and quote, $870.00 for fixings and steel to make cleats, also missing from quote, $100.00 for missing edge beam, no delivery dockets to check with any of the three deliveries, gable roof supplied but hip roof on the plan from the start, no tails on back deck or front deck panels to attach fascia brackets, "they just bend them by hand" was the answer, back deck rafters unworkable to roof and this at present is stopping me from getting a lid on this thing.

Author:  Rhino [ Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:05 pm ]
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I think there is nothing wrong with naming the company before somebody else gets in with them. I remeber 20 years ago the Goverment said we have to put a stop to shonky companies and Builders.......looks like nothing has changed and just like our health system all talk and no action.
Hope you get it sorted so you can get on with your building.

Author:  TopAustralianDream [ Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:40 pm ]
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WOW! Well, I thought I had problems but clearly no where near as bad as you!! I wouldn't name the company, slander, defamation etc is too greater price to pay for someone elses poor workmanship.

To be honest, most of my problems have stemmed from poor work by the drafter. I haven't had the frame delivered yet but after seeing your problems I am a little more than concerned! Here is hoping no one goes through the problems you have so far!

Please don't name them for your own sake! Please keep us posted how you go getting over these issues!

Author:  whitey [ Fri Feb 20, 2009 4:42 am ]
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I had hoped the moderator may sugest whether or not you can name and shame but then I suppose he is giving legal advice. not a fair ask of him either. Its a shame when the guilty are protected more so than the innocent by law or deeper pockets for barristers. Just to let readers know I have been a plasterer (gyprock) for over 20 years of which nearly ten were commercial work, so I am very familiar with steel. I had my brother come up from Tas to assist with the standing of the frames and he is a builder, (carpenter since 1974). He has done steel kits in Tas and comented when I started the project that the last one he built he had to call the manufacturer once, to ask what time the delivery on site was. Not one more call was needed. Hey, if anyone wants to PM me they are welcome to the company's name. Might even get some advice as to whether or not I can post it here.

Author:  Rhino [ Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:20 am ]
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I think it is a shame that they got us all so scared for legal consequenses so we wont name chonky builders like that. No wonder they all get away with work like that.
You honestly think anybody is going to court about this?
Anyway I hope it all works out good.

Author:  whitey [ Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:33 am ]
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I honestly believe no one should be subject to this sort of amatuer behaviour from a company presenting itself with 25 years experience. This has placed a lot of stress on myself and my partner, not to mention the delays and cost to rectify. Yes its all fixable, but I should not have to. And they certainly were not capable of doing it themselves. Every part of the process has been documented and photo's taken by my self and a professional body as well now. hmmmmmmmm, if I could just get some time off work to fix some more things.....................................................................

Author:  Budhar wana [ Sun Mar 15, 2009 9:36 am ]
Post subject:  Steel framing

We were fortunate to have our steel frame panels supplied in just about perfect condition.

Our supplier made it clear to us from the beginning that if something seemed wrong, it wouldn't be after he checked it. He was true to his word. He stated that he allowed himself up to 25 "foul" ups per house, but allowed himself a few extra on ours, considering that ours had 7 times more steel than his average 3 bedroomer.

He actually made several changes to our design [with our approval], one which made a significant aesthetic improvement to the stairway down to the indoor pool area, and another which saved about $15,000 to the framing cost.[The framing still cost over $200,000].

We are more than happy to forward his details.

Author:  whitey [ Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:11 am ]
Post subject: 

Thanks for the offer of a professional frame company but it's too late now. Had the engineer out on saturday for the frame inspection and guess what? , it's going to cost me a s&*t load more money to comply with his rectification list. Possibly remove the roof but at this stage I hope not. Frametek won't respond to corespondence so it's going to the big stick approach soon.


Author:  rickie0007 [ Tue Apr 14, 2009 5:46 pm ]
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I would just like to put a positive spin on this thread. I have dealt with 100's of owner builders over the last seven odd years, many of them have used kit home manufacturers.

To the most part, they have all been extremely satisfied and the general level of quality out there is high from the well known kit home companies.

Ask around, get testimonials from other clients and look at past projects if you can.

I encourage owner builders to use kit homes as an option If they can find a design that suits them.

If it is a custom design, make certain your engineer supervises and approves the prefabrication construction drawings.

We talk a little about this process on our website


Author:  MurrayJohnson [ Sun Apr 19, 2009 11:04 pm ]
Post subject:  LEGAL ISSUES

Gedday all,
Murray Johnson from here. Just want to note that I've deleted references to the framing company in question and would appreciate it if people would refrain from naming names in such cases.
It's great to hear of people's experiences, good and bad, and to be warned of the pitfalls which exist in every aspect of owner building, but I don't think we need to name individuals or companies.
Libel laws vary from state to state, and as this is an international site, we need to comply with the various laws. Truth is not always a defence unfortunately.
Be careful what you write in private messages too, as you don't really know who you're conversing with. If it turns out to be the lawyers of a disgruntled company that you've criticised then you could find yourself in trouble.
As a rule of thumb you can criticise a particular company up to a point, if you stick to verifiable facts, keep the language modest and emphasise that you're talking about your particular experiences and opinions, or you can rant about things in general using words like "shonky", but be very careful putting the two together. Beware of blanket condemnations.
Put yourself in the shoes of the person/company you're criticising, and be careful about saying or doing anything that could damage someone's business or livelihood. If they've been in business 25 years the chances are they've been doing something right. There are avenues like consumer affairs and industry bodies through which legitimate complaints can properly be pursued... and in which the person/company being criticised gets to put their side of the story and/or make amends.
It's always a good idea to get three quotes, and to seek out people who've used the company and see if they've had good experiences with them.
The tip above about tried and true "set" kit plans being simpler and safer than customised ones is worth noting too. Then you can find one that's going up too, and organise a site visit to really check out the product, service and customer satisfaction before you sign up.

Author:  bingoshelley [ Fri Apr 24, 2009 8:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

i totally agree murray
lets face it guys we are all human and we all make mistakes it is hard to accept paying for someone elses mistakes but if you keep your cool and be reasonable and not acusational then most genuine companys will solve the problem however if you become abusive and unreasonable then dont expect an amicable solution.
and although others have had bad experiences im sure theres heaps more who have had great experiences
ebay is a great example with their feedback rating how many of us have read the bad feedback but seen many more good feedbacks so brought anyway from the seller.
if you have a problem with a supplier or a tradie remember keep your cool and try working with them not against them after all your the one suffering not them so it pays for you to be nice even if they are in the wrong.

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