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The March of progress
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Author:  amandadabuilda [ Fri Mar 27, 2009 12:23 pm ]
Post subject:  The March of progress

March is almost sorted. I must now announce that we have made that great milestone - 19 years of marriage. And as everyone knows, the traditional gift for 19 years of marriage is a...
Compound Mitre Saw?
Oh and it IS a thing of beauty! Mace from TotalTools (he's not, by the way - he was lovely), was a little shocked at just how chirpy a girl can get when purchasing toolage of this horsepower. (Oh Happy Day!!!)
An angel by the name of Dave just happened to be needing a student so he could demonstrate just how well he can teach someone to use one of these beasties. He was terrific - before I had my lessons with Dave, my biggest fear was mucking stuff up and looking like a goose. Now my biggest fear is loss of limbs. A healthy respect for a set of teeth like my DeWalt's is no bad thing I think.
Another angel by the name of Peter just happened to be offering an Owner Builder's course, just down the road. How fortuitous is that! So now I have a little bit of knowledge, (and a few useful admonitions!) and am ready for a REAL estimate of the cost of this project - right down to nails screws plans coffee saws, classes, reconstructive surgery...nope, won't need that one, insurances, etc.

So for devilment, here are my wild guesses.
1. It will take me a week (once I have some real plans to go from rather than my sketches) to do all the takeoffs. (I know there are builders who can do it in minutes - I reckon a week amongst everything else I am doing will be tight.) Thanks to the course I just did, i can factor in everything! Light switches, pelmets, floor coverings...

2. It will take at least 8 weeks before we are good to go, what with permits still pending etc. Gosh that makes me itchy to chop stuff up!

3. The build itself - and all the installations (solar HWS/panels, Tanks etc) will take until the end of the year. (Gosh, if you can build a whole house in 8 months..)

4. The total cost will come in somewhere around $100K. Gosh I'd like it to be less. But I need to make the estimate real so I can approach the bank, who I'm sure will be overjoyed to hand us some more money.

Other stuff
5. My children, man, pets and I will make it to the other side healthy and happy and still want to live here! That darling husband and I WILL make it to our 20th anniversary - and have a stylish and comfortable new living room in which to celebrate it.

So there you have it - Nostradamus for a new century. Now I know you hoary old owner builders (and I mean that in a GOOD way) are just smiling in a sort of smug way and saying "Yep" to yourselves, and possibly even sucking air in between the teeth... but give the girl a go, eh?
I'll let you know shortly where the numbers really come out at. According to my estimates, in about a week!

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