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Donvale Early Days

Excavation done. Clay heap on lower level plus topsoil heap at top for mud-bricks.


The first mud-brick mix. Note, borrowed machine to mix the clay; not strong enough, so reverted to doing it manually.


The first brick. Note, it is the index finger, not the middle one. Also, doesn't everybody wear white jeans when making mud-bricks?


Our own hand made bricks


Day one of mud-brick making. Made 20 bricks.


Day two with happy helpers, Anthony and James and their grandparents, Bill and Cath.


Production seems to be stepping up.


More happy helpers (Bruce, Ross, Rod and Dale) making bricks.


Laying the slab, with in-floor electric coil heating: main reason for needing three-phase power.


First section of slab done. Despite the textured look caused by the late afternoon sun, it was actually as smooth as a billiard table.

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