Jim & Cathy Duff's Knox muddie

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Stage One

Anthony and James aloft fired bricks on main fireplace.

Framework started (North side)



Framework started (South side)


Laying the first mud-brick. Brick is notched on LHS to fit into angle bracket nailed to post.



Cathy and her parents laying bricks on Western wall.



Framework and roofing completed; some mud-bricks laid on Southern wall.



Lunchtime for James and Anthony in the fireplace. Note reo that was used between every fourth layer of mud-bricks, plus angle brackets for steadying end bricks into posts.



Family and Bruce at start of column on North wall.


Column work in progress from the inside. Timber stacked on the floor to be used for internal walls.


View of courtyard and columns work in progress from the North.


A variety of mud-brick colours. Those in the foreground, a beautiful pink hue, are from Alistair Knox's property in Mt Pleasant Road; we made the lighter clay-coloured ones in the background from our own soil; and the darker middle lot were made by a couple of outside guys.


Brick work laying in progress on South wall laundry and bathroom. Nice coloured oregon pine rafters and ceiling.


The first column nearly completed.


Slightly tidier view of completed column.


Fired bricks being laid on the floor. Just to be different, we used floor boards for our ceiling. That's the back of the meter box embedded in the South wall; we needed a large one to take the three-phase fittings. Alistair called it Grant's Tomb while it was being built.



Kitchen work in progress: oregon pine bench tops, recycled kauri pine flooring for vertical panels. Anthony on step-up stool. Just a few more bricks to go on the wall.




Bit of a scrabble for space: kitchen being built out of sight on the right of photo, while we are still laying mud-bricks on the adjacent wall. Note the OH&S approved ladder in the background.


One of Cathy's inquisitive magpies joins us for lunch.


South wall just about completed.


Lovely wall hacked to take power cables.


Solid, and heavy, jarrah stairway in place - no hand rails yet. Pews stripped back to bare timber.


billiard table.

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