Muddie update June2002

 $105,000 and three years down the track our muddie is locked up, the floor is sealed, the walls are rendered, (with a mix of gravel, white cement and bondcrete with some clayey mortar mix to give it an earthy color). We've almost finished plastering and are up to "stopping up" the plaster with tape and wet plaster, ready for painting.

We've had electricity from day one thanks to a "temporary supply in a permanent position"... which basically means that we built the house around the meter box. But now we've actually got power coming out of lights and power points! Fans, dimmers, gas stove and electric oven. They're all working! Looxury!

We're now building the stairs, finishing the kitchen benches and cupboards, building wardrobes hanging doors etc. and hope to have it pretty much wrapped up by the end of the year.

Murray Johnson June 2002

Learning to lay bricks with Jim



Dad & Dave... laying mud bricks

More fun than kindergarten!

Our first wall

Cleaning out two years of building dirt and rubbish, ready to re-seal the colored concrete slab.

The view from our balcony.

Nat's Gable... the East Wing

Locked up

The West Wing

Clearwater 80 water treatment plant and water tank

Living room view

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